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Dessert for the Skin

It's time to look into the refrigerator. Some items can be used very unexpected way. 1. Hot tubs.Yabloko the apple company - is a beauty shop in small. It can be used both inside and on the outside - with a fantastic effect. For our epidermis is very useful to many desserts.


Apple sections clean the experience, throat, and then the whole system. This massage will be especially useful for those who are over 30. After all, with this age the natural tone of the epidermis starts to damage. To support it, need supplement C. In terms of supplement c is second only to the apple company tangerine, lemon and lemon. In addition, this process opens up the epidermis from toxic ingredients.


Noticeably improve experience carefully the apple company insert. Steam the apple company in milk products or prepare it. Implement a still-warm gruel on experience and clean off after 20 moments of its cool normal water. You will surely enjoy a healthy shine, shone on his experience.

2. Signor Tomato.

With the tomato can be prepared not only gazpacho and "Bloody Mary", but also a great treat for the epidermis. Tomato fresh fruit juice contains a lot of organic chemicals that melt the upper stratum corneum of the epidermis, making it possible to develop new tissues.


Slices of tomato fresh fruit juice or put on experience for 25-30 moments. Wash with normal water, then cool. This process is recommended for greasy epidermis with huge skin pores.

Nourishing lotion.

Dessertspoon lanolin solution on a normal water shower, add a spoonful of cereals, mashed to plant pollen, or oats. All thoroughly, add a tbsp of tomato fresh fruit juice. Vzbey lotion until sleek and chill.

3. Pumpkin healbot.

While not all pumpkins sold out for Halloween - hurry! They contain glucose, carotene, natural vitamins, weight, including the rare supplement T, which helps to speed up metabolism.

Pumpkin, floor in a mixer and mixed with low-fat natural yogurt (for greasy and normal skin) or lotion (for dry), get rid of unwanted skin tones and share with the epidermis, important track elements. Under this cover up to spend 15 enjoyable moments and then clean off with normal water.

4. Apples, sir!

Hand create a conditioning and refreshing bath: in 1 litre of normal water to boil 3.2 peeled potatoes, drizzled with heated soup arms and hold for 20-25 moments. It is also very useful for spud side cover up, which is the usual mashed potatoes with lotion, which is applied with a dense part of 20 moments. In a shateringly familiar potatoes contain so many nutritional value that your arms after the cover up is modified beyond identification.

5. Tutti Frutti!

Work on the look would not be complete without a care about the internal health. Better and more enjoyable staff in this - fresh fruit and vegetable drinks - Smoothies, is becoming more popular. In principle, this mixture formula depends on the mood: In a mixer you can throw all the useful items that we can find in the refrigerator, and then drink them through a hay.

Try drinks from one pear, scoop nuts, a tbsp of sweetie, 1 bananas, 1 kiwi fruit. Or - for hot times - very good drinks from great, canteloup and a number of ice. Not only that these incredibly delightful drinks - natural vitamins and other nutritional value get into your stomach unchanged and fresh catch.

6. Viburnum fruits.

Your sudden interest in the sea buckthorn fruits viburnum and certainly make an impression on his dearest granny.


Frozen fruits scalded with steaming normal water.

Then - mash with a hand, add the maize flour or starchy foods. Implement on 10-15 moments and then clean off with normal water. This cover up smoothes tired epidermis and gives the experience a sensitive pink hue.


Scalded to grind the fruits. Next, add any bitter dairy product - bitter lotion, bungalow type cheese, lotion. Lie down under the guise of 15 moments. Sandthorn cover up is very useful for greasy epidermis with huge skin pores.

7. Vineyard Hercules!

If you talked to the moral sense about the fact that they pay little interest to the arms, rather head for the market for the grapes! First thing in the arms need a sensitive shedding.

Mash a few grapes and add the floor oats - so, create a dense insert. Implement a dense part of it - from the heart and massage your arms with this combination for 10-15 moments. The information in the grapes fresh fruit acidity carefully cleanse the epidermis of dead tissues. Hands instantly become well-groomed!

8. Melon, sweetie and sea sodium.

In the year of canteloup not prevent adorned legs are soft and fresh clean. Delay 50 percent canteloup for sweet, and the other 50 percent put to use instantly. Extract the pulp, mix it in a mixer with the sweetie and sea sodium and affect you. Pay particular interest to the driest areas of the epidermis. Put on you on plastic side bags, wrap them heated rest room towels. Relax for 10 moments. Take side bags, rub the combination into the foot, and then douse with heated and then cool normal water. This process disinfects, deodorizes and improves movement.

9. In canteloup glucose.

One of the most affordable fruits fall year - canteloup, it is made into a popular Balinese cover up. Rub the skin of canteloup in a mixer, splitting the plant seeds with a filter. Add to the canteloup blend, floor oats: get difficult mass. Kindle it with one scoop of pure normal water. Gently mix vbey in the throat and experience. Leave for 15 moments, then clean off with normal water. Thou shalt how sleek pink light shine your experience.

10. Lively red grapes.

Coffee and Cranberry extract Body Scrub - one of the greatest technology in the field of home SPA. It is rich in important oils, natural vitamins and anti-oxidants, feeds and moisturizes the epidermis. Mix 1 cup red grapes (chopped in a blender) with 0.5 glasses of fresh floor coffees (there is an option with the same amount of java grounds gathered over two or three days). Add a number of tbsps of olive or almond oil, 3-4 falls of your favorite important oil, and go to the bathroom. Lie down for ten moments in normal water, then use a clean and carefully massage the system, breathing sour fall taste of red grapes.
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