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Skin Care for Smokers

How to proper take proper your epidermis, if you smoke

Women who can not quit should especially manage epidermis.
Get rid of the habit is not easy, and suffering in the first place, the skin! The outcome on the face: face lines on your face and deep creases appear at any time, often caused swelling, acne, acne, general capable (rosacea) and other "beauty" of smoking cigarettes.

- Females who smoking, monitor and proper take proper the epidermis should be more proper care and attention than non-smoking women - say beauty consultants.

Leather women tobacco users quickly develops old, becomes slim and drops flexibility. So it's four periods faster than face lines in the epidermis than ladies who do not smoking.

Also cosmetologists approximated that the detail of face lines women tobacco users are five periods greater than that of ladies of the same age who do not smoking, under identical conditions, face healthy epidermis proper care.

Skin proper take proper ladies smokers

1. Food instead of wetting
All women tobacco users over the age of 21-25 years old are motivated to move from skin lotions (the so-called youth series) on vitamin makeup to protect against face lines and anti-aging.
Experts suggest alternate vitamin guards with relaxing creams.
2. Frequent proper cleaning
Smoking women washing in cold water - a taboo! Because the epidermis is very delicate person. In the collection of washing agents: a sleek jam, skin toner for delicate epidermis, gel cleaner with anti-inflammatory effects, and more. The main rule: cleansing should be a frequent and always delikantym - morning and evening.
3. Cosmetics with vitamins
- Used cigarettes improves the activity of minerals that break down bovine collagen. The outcome - the epidermis drops its flexibility, - states beauty consultants.
In view of the fact that with age, the body system starts to produce bovine collagen is less and less, and smoking cigarettes boosts this process, women are recommended tobacco users have to use makeup, within which there are natural vitamins A, C and E.
4. Frequent exfoliation
Experts suggest that ladies tobacco users do regular face skins as possible - every day, but most of all - soothing way. Means for shedding should be sleek, such as solutions or outfits for delicate epidermis. Movement during the shedding - sleek, myakimi not to damage the already damaged epidermis.
5. Sculpting facials

Leather female smokers often look tired, light and light or yellow-colored shade. To return to the head healthy color, smoking cigarettes women are recommended to do tonitsiruyuschie cover up (2 periods a week).
The epidermis around the eye suggest bovine collagen cover up (at least once a week).
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