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Correct And Safe Way To Squeezing Pimples

Cosmetologists recommend unequivocally , do not even think about whether it is possible to squeeze pimples. Medicine believes that the process itself is the cause of their spread throughout the body , as if squeezing the infection can get a healthy portion of the skin and infect it . What actually occurs quite often.
But not only that is the reason for the critical remarks against doctors squeezing acne , as well as the possibility of a blood infection . That is, in most cases the infection penetrates . And it is a dangerous consequence of squeezing pimples. Especially do not touch the pimples around the nose and nasolabial triangle . When the eels in these places is best to consult a doctor . The same effect can cause squeezing pimples dirty unwashed hands . With hands in the blood may also get infected .
Is it possible to squeeze pimples ?

But how these warnings are justified, and whether it is possible to squeeze pimples ? On the one hand , as we have discussed previously , push papules unsafe. But if you look at the situation from the other side, acne crush all . Many people know that if you do not squeeze the festering mass, acne will always appear. Pus - is dead cells white blood cells that have died in the fight against bacteria. And if they do not squeeze , the festering mass will always remain in the skin. This is facilitated by the fact that purulent rod protected cells that do not allow infection to get into healthy cells . When inflammation on this site may form a scar.
By the advice of his doctors , beauticians , of course , we must listen . But they are not always telling the truth about whether you can actually squeeze pimples. In their offices they spend so -called " skin cleansing ." This is the same procedure , but in their own language . There are ad sites , where they tout for cleaning the skin, as you may have guessed, is not free. What to do if there is no time and money on doctors ?
Attention! We can give you some tips on how can you still squeeze pesky pimples ? The main thing is that you do not hurt yourself doing our recommendations . Papules are different causes and may also be different. And if our recommendations do not help you , you have to consult a dermatologist .

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Acne pimple on litseNelzya crush at the stage of formation , since at this point he just jumped out and has not yet formed . When forming the skin reddens inflammation , itching , swelling formed . You should wait for the next stage.
In the second stage pimple matures , that is visible above the skin purulent rod, which should be removed . If you are sure that the pimple is ripe , then go to step skin cleansing . However, one should observe certain precautions .
The skin surface during extrusion to be treated any antiseptic.
Not to injure the skin , fingers should wrap gauze sterile towels .
If pimple pops up when removing it is not necessary to remove it by force. We have to wait when it is ripe and then squeeze .
After removing pimple skin antiseptic is required .
And remember that the removal of acne at home is not safe for your health. It is better to turn to professionals .
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